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Why is it that most threads here have to end like this and have to close???

Why is it that kirk is allowed to make accusations of one user/multiple accounts over and over?

Why is annie/inhal allowed free reign to attack/belittle posters right off the bat over and over?

The answer you seek lie in the answers to those two questions.

You don't answer their crap, yakasses, (a jack ass without the panache), such as inhal start calling you a liar. The boy isn't smart enough to realize that baseless questions/accusations don't deserve answers.

You don't accept what they asy as gospel, then you get the nonsense you get. Because neither one is mature enough or emotionally secure enough to realize that no rational person will accept what they post as the Holy Writ.

You've already seen how Kefurt acts.

Something special is being planned just for annie...... Not here though.
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