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Got pretty quiet since that revelation.

To quote Ellen, "Anywayyyyyyyyyyy."

According to that first link, and I really wish he would read the whole link "Lubricant manufacturers are looking at things from a slightly different perspective, although still not entirely positive. For them the question becomes which classification system to stick to. Should they be manufacturing their oils to meet API specs or “dexos 1″ specs"

I mean, which will it be? We see lots of oils that meet both API and ACEA specs. But if Dex and GF-5 are not compatible....

"Quick lube owners & operators are none to happy about the prospect either. If “dexos 1″ does go into effect, it will likely mean additional stock requirements which can be a real headache when space is limited and mix-ups can occur. "

And we all know that most people are going to go to their quick lube of choice. Yeah, we can ridicule them, but they ain't out of business.

And how many of them will take care to use the right oil spec? Sure, I take my car there, they'll put in 5w-30. But will it be A3/B3? Very doubtful. And in the end, whose fault would it be? (Yeah, I know the mantra, blame the oil Roll Eyes)

another thing. The advent of GF-5 and Dexos is yet another standard that synlube won't meet. Another reason, as if needed, to avoid it.
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