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Mobil 1 oils NEVER create sludge. Mobil 1 has an exceptional ability in handling high temperatures and sludge control.

Prove it...........History already says otherwise....that you're wrong! M1 and other name brand G.III synthetic motor oils were used in many of those engines that sludged up!

In the Seq IIIG, Mobil 1 outperforms all other oils

Prove it............the competition says otherwise.........

And you're wrong about Grp III's. Newer Grp III's are on par with PAO's.

Prove says you're wrong.

This article says alot about Group III oil as well.................therefore I will continue with Group IV

"the truth is, many “synthetic” motor oils out there which are Group III based, are using low grade Group III bases that are only marginally better than their Group II cousins, and THAT is my problem with the current status of the “synthetic” market."

This link(all 4 pages) is full of info about group III synthetic oil failing in Toyota.....right here on noria!

Anybody know what happened to 'silvefox' in the above link? Looks like he(silverfox) was a Toyota rep trying to bash Ms. Blake because of her revealing the epidemic Toyota sludge issues. Turns out Ms. Blake was right,and now where is the fox since he has been proven wrong! The liars always get burned by the truth in the end!

Another very accurate quote by Houckster....

"Charlene, I tend to believe your side of the story. Toyota, faced with a potentially huge recall could very well be trying to avoid its responsibilities. People tend to be very loyal to companies they believe to be good to them and I think Toyota, now swimming in profit, might be getting a bit arrogant and taking advantage of this. We'll see.

Let me throw in this consideration. There has been some contention above that if a synthetic oil is used, no sludge will develop and you have disagreed. This is a classic case of the two sides not defining what they are discussing.

IF the lubricant is a true synthetic lubricant such as SynLube, Redline or Amsoil, sludge will not be an issue. These are true synthetic lubes. They have a much greater ability to tolerate heat and to release heat once away from the heat source. I don't think you will find any case of sludge when these oils are used.

Other oils, marketed as 'synthetics' like Castrol Syntec and others by Pennzoil and Quaker State to name a few are petroleum products based on Group III base oil. In my view, the marketing of these products amounts to a hoax where the marketers make a large profit selling the consumer something different than he thinks he's buying. People who bought these "
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