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Originally posted by ADFD1:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
IF the lubricant is a true synthetic lubricant such as SynLube, Redline or Amsoil, sludge will not be an issue. These are true synthetic lubes. They have a much greater ability to tolerate heat and to release heat once away from the heat source. I don't think you will find any case of sludge when these oils are used.


Synlube a true synthetic, better than Mobil 1, yea OK. Keep on dreaming Kirk, there's maybe one other person who might believe you.

Wasn't Synlube using M1 Bottles, and M1 tweaked with lots of graphite, moly and teflon? Basement brewed? I thought I read that at the other site, but didn't want to waste too much time with it.

While you're asking for proof lets see proof of how good Synlube is. Or something easy, proof that a legit business exists and an address.


Wait a gosh darn minute here? Redline doesn't cause sludge? The very oil that he gave Nuc grief for using?

Symlube doesn't? The 5w-mystery juice that one of his own links says that one way to avoild sludge is to use the correct viscosity?