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Originally posted by ADFD1:
You're always looking for proof Kirk, you've seen the proof, how about showing us some proof? After all many of us want to see the proof that Synlube is the oil we should all be using. If I see proof Synlube is the very best I'd probably use it, so would some others I'd imagine. Right now all I've seen is you carrying on..............


What you fail to realize,AD,I am just like you.............A CONSUMER!!

I,like you,don't own the companies making the stuff I buy/use,including motor oil.

The only proof I personally have is my own experience with any given product,and some initial research to at least justify trying the product.

If you refuse to use,or even try a particular product to experience it's performance,then you will never know anything about any given product,good or negative,and will remain forever a skeptic. YOUR LOSS!

If you are a conventional person in everything you do.........SO BE IT. I am not that person!

We have now seen enough people on this board and others using Synlube with no issues,and only excellent results.

If the product did not would be off the market by now..........just like Shell/PEP is off the market.

I am willing to bet that Deltona_dave did receive correspondence from the Oakland Police,and it was a very positive one. He was hoping for a negative synlube responce,so he kept quiet when he got the "good news" instead of what he was looking for!

Remember his "honesty"(lol) over the lawn mower engine.

The proof of Synlube proving itself is my using it with excellent results, and all the other people using it with great results too.