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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Buster:
Kirk, you just proved how dumb you are.

Get a clue buddy and stop selling snake oil.

During this decade of development, the team has continued using Mobil 1 lubricants on the strength of the tests undertaken. “Why Mobil 1 after 10 years? “asks Doug Fehan. “Well, nobody’s developed anything better.”

(((((Says Doug.......and his opinion.........and his paycheck))))) The one thing M1 does quite well for 'Doug',is pay well!!......Imagine that......big surprise he would say that!!'re soooooo Gullible.))))))))))

Kirk, you're a fool........

............Really Buster...........Then why haven't I fallen for the M1 marketing Gig like you........that would mean you're the...FOOL,by definition.

Buster...You're a fool if you think wally world is selling the stuff you buy there that Doug Fehan is putting in his engines. Remember,Fehan is Gm's racing program manager,so he's 'Special",not you! You don't have any connections nor any inside scoop like Doug.

Remember,M1 also has and/or can make a 100% percent Group IV if you have the right connections.

The stuff you are buying off the shelf is what,exactly?? It is Not what the pros use..for sure. You are falling victim to marketing! Now who is Dumb!! NOT ME!

Also,what kind of Additives do the Pros Add to whatever oil is in their cars. Do you even know they use additives. It is common knowledge they add some type of custom blended package that is proprietary.

More proof of M1 and politics. Stop drinking the kool-Aid. M1 has a sort of partnership with several's called big business and marketing in case you weren't aware. Big Pharma does the same thing! WAKE UP!

IF M1 is so good............why is castrol saying their product is 8 times better than m1?

Then we have P.U. and so forth. One thing for sure is that......a lube war is happening!

I just saw Walmart selling the edge at over 8 bucks a quart,and it's group III.....such a deal!!!