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Reply to "Engine Oil Overfilling"

Originally posted by TallPaul:
Very interesting comment Callisa. I never thought of that aspect of overfilling. So you are saying it will suck the oil out of the engine and cause oil starvation? Not to mention the sliding wheels on the oil slick!

Another thought springs from your comment. Is it possible to have an over filled crankcase somehow get sucked into the blowby, then around to the intake, and hydrolock a cylinder or two? Pretty ugly scenario also, eh?

But I think this would not happen in a gasoline engine as the blowby (or PCV) hooks to the top of the valve cover. Diesels must have it mounted much lower?

I had an 84 GM diesel van. Used to get the oil changed at a stop-n-steer. Impatient new employee on the end of the oil gun had the air turned to max pressure so the 5 liters were dispersed in several seconds.
The oil spout is directly on the intake manifold. The PCV is plumbed into the oil spout. Some of the oil got into the pcv "t" on the spout.
Once the engine was full, they go through their procedures to comission the oil change and I start the van up.

...Well holy s$%^ the engine went into orbit and I never heard a diesel rev that high other than watching modified tractor pulls. I turned the key off and holding in my hand staring at the key the engine still doing several thousand rpms. The shop filled with white smoke, the shop owner's 84 yr old dad never ran in 50 yrs but believe me he ran that day. I just sat there "what do I do", the engine eventually stopped.

Only thing I could think of was "oil" was the culprit as I've had two experiences with GM 8V92 detroit diesel's doing the same thing after a "wet stack" ...thaz another story.

We figured out the problem down to the young feller and the air gun.

Months later, I go for another oil change. This time the owner did my change, however when he was adding the oil slowly he put an elastic band around the trigger and walked away for a moment to grab a coffee. Another new employee grabbed the gun and cranked the air up, the oil was put in the engine in seconds. I heard this and came running. *sigh* Now what do I do?

Once the change was done I thought back to the Detroit Diesel incident. I put my van in neutral and got ready to start the engine. The owner opened up both doors for fear of the smoke show. Started the van and as I let go of the ign key, I dropped the tranny into 1st gear and mashed my foot into the brake pedal. Well the engine labored very hard away at a few thousand rpms and I did a brake stance right where the van sat. The passenger side rear tire incinerated and squeeled like crazy before the engine labored to a halt.

...the owner give me a free oil change for the trouble. heh heh...

Oil substituted for fuel in diesel engine makes great power. hahaha