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Reply to "Engine Oil Overfilling"

Originally posted by rokky:
We had a runaway diesel recently at work.

Oil seal went in the turbo of a big Mack V8. No way to shut it down. Found bent pushrods so far.

At least GM put the emergency air stops on the 2 stroke diesels, although I have never seen one of those runaway but they will run backwards ... lol.

Way back when there was a particular brand, I forget which, of 2 stroke motorcycle that ran timing very close to TDC.

They would occasionally, well fairly frequently, start running backwards. Being relatively high compression and difficult to start racing beasts and all.

The drill was for the rider to ease the clutch the first time, to make sure it went that a way instead of this a way.

Highly exciting, I talked to a guy that had one, says everyone forgets the advisde, till it happens to them.....

Wee haw.