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Reply to "How to choose between products?"

Not a problem. In fact, I love it when good questions are asked as opposed to just stateing the unsure.

Basically, all oils will absorb water. There is a technical term for it that escapes me right now, but that function is part of the oil's job. One can counteract that function somewhat, by making sure that the oil does get up to temperature every so often and maintained for a little while in order to burn off. Doing that also helps burn off some of the other nasty that oil picks up along the way: fuel.

All group IV (PAO based) and group V (ester based) synthetics are outstanding base oils. Ester might (I say this based on my research and questions sessions) pick up and hold a little more water than one might like, but not enough to offset the fact that it is one of the best, if not the best, base oil for high operation temperatures. This again, is not to say that a PAO based lubricant wouldn't suit your purpose fine either.

I chose Maxima products for three reasons:
1) Smaller US company, blending their own products inhouse.
2) The additive packages are overkill to say the least, therefore in my eyes, offering the best defense if and when the additives are called upon if the lubrication film is ever broken.
3) I have a close, local dealer that offers me a good price point given that they are an expensive oil.

I also run Maxima's products in my vehicles as well. Again, way overkill for the application, but I like having too much, instead of not enough. Here is a link for you to check them out:

If you decide to give them a try, great, but if not, don't think that by choosing Amsoil, or another great PAO based lubricant that you've made a bad choice. Most of us being this anal about oil are just that. Oils have come quite a long way since "Your father's Oldsmobile" to quote an old line, and with just a few exeptions of some products that just "make the grade" out there, most of them are very good at what they do, it is just a matter of personal brand preference, basestock preference, and how much of an additive package that you would like to see in your oil.

Long winded, I know, but I hope that this helped! Big Grin