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Reply to "How to Improving Your Engine Lubrication"

When read the query of "Engine Lubrication", there are 4 usal type of engine application:
1. Personal Vehicle
2. Fleet Transport, Mining and Heavy Duty Equipment
3. Marine (Main driver and auxiliary)
4. Land-used electrical Generator

I am assuming, you are in the 4th application.
Herewith my advise:
- Sellect the suitable lubricant for your engine, based of what kind of fuel you are using (You can discuss it with Oil Manufacturer)
- Maintain all of lube oil system parameters in the acceptable range of the original design.
water cooler input < 30 degree C
water cooler output < 50 degree C
Oil supply pressure as per design +/- 10%
change oil filter when DP reach 1 bard

- Evaluate the engine oil in regular basis (PDM, with the freq: 250 h). Check the oil viscosity, TBN, Flash point and insoluble percentage. Replace the oil if necessary