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I think I'm sticking with Redline

For the vehicles in my family I feel I have a proven winner in Redline.

1) 96 Mustang GT
2) 99 Mustang Cobra
3) 86 Corvette
4) 75 Corvette

I also have the 87 Ranger, and my sons's 91 Bronco...These will continue to see whats on sale.

In the 4 listed vehicles I was using Mobil 1 and Mobil EP at the end.. Great oil's on their own, but I always seemed to suffer from burnoff and had to top off.

I also noticed what others have always mentioned, a noisier engine. I have never done a UOA to follow any possible wear patter. Like I mentioned great performing oils but the 2 issues always stuck out at me.

I will stick with the 10W-30, but am considering the 5W-40 flavor for the 75. The HTHS on that oil is 4.6. The viscosity at 100 Deg. C is a whopping 15.1, pour point of -49F. For this 35 y/o Chevy I thinks those are good numbers. Perhaps even add 1 qt. of the 40W redline race oil for an extra dose of moly and zinc.

Since switching over to Redline I no longer suffer from burnoff like I did with Mobil 1, at the most maybe a 1/2 qt per 6k...Maybe...

If anybody has any suggestions or comments I am open to listening to them...Thanks.
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