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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by ADFD1:

The other thing I wonder about is since dealers are paid a commission, then if they sign up new dealers, they get a little cut from them, I think? Lots of money changes hands, that all gets added into the cost.


Dealers are never paid for signing up a new dealer. Only if the new dealer makes some sales, and it is a small amount ( I have 15 dealers that I have trained and get less than 10% of my income from them. Over 90% of my income comes from direct sales with my customers).

Compare that to traditional oil companies that have sales staff that get paid salary plus commission, and help pay for their sales manager, secretary, overhead, etc. Much less money changes hands with AMSOIL compared to traditional oil companies (I retired from Shell Oil) who pay foreign countries for crude oil, tens of thousands of employees, have to build huge refineries and chemical plants, pay their dozens of levels of management, pay their sales staff, pay their distribution system, pay their retailers, pay for huge bonuses and retirements, pay for skyscrapers and corporate jets, etc. And now they are laying off thousands of employees which hurt our economy.

AMSOIL commissions are small compared to traditional oil company costs. Plus it allows thousands of people to start their own business in a climate where few jobs are available, which helps our economy. The interesting thing is that AMSOIL is setting record sales which have doubled in the last 4 years, while the traditional motor oil business was down 20% last year.

If you don't like dealing with an AMSOIL dealer, you can always order factory direct.
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