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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Tim, I tried Amsoil, the family tried Amsoil, you can pitch till you get tired, you won't be selling me on it again. I talk to a machinist friend of the family my father worked with him since in the early 70's, he's still in business. He's rebuilt thousands & thousands of engines, and has done work for dealerships all over the metro NY area. I haven't seen him since I moved to WA, but we spoke about RL, Amsoil, and M1 many times, we talk all when ever I see him. He's seen engines run on each and everyone of these oils. RL hands down the winner, when it comes to keeping an engine clean, and reduced wear via visual inspection, and measurement. I've read all the UOA's I care to read, a very high % of them are flawed, or have wrong info and have to be done over. Then there was a dude that had a HP Buick GN that had some impressive UOA reports and an engine that was shot upon visual inspection and measurement. He posts on the other site. I'll take info from pros vs some data Amsoil or any company publishes. I'm sure RL has their own tests showing their products to be superior, as does Mobil, Pennzoil, and Castrol. Marketing, and exaggerating facts is easy, as is using a 4 ball wear test to show oil quality.

As I said, you won't sell me on the stuff, sorry guy.

I wonder how many people ran those filters they were redesigning, these:
Amsoil announces it is re-designing, re-engineering the few smaller affected filters. EAO 9, 10, 13, 57. They aren't up to par for the interval they were sold for. Amsoil rep Gary Allen speaks about it in a thread on Bitog. I wonder how many of those engines life expectancy was cut down as a result of using those filters for extended drain, then having an oil light come on because it is clogged up? The good news is no one will ever know, that should keep Amsoil off the hook for now. I'll bet Amsoil says no harm was done.

My Pop was a salesman at one point in his career, a real good one, he had awards hanging all over his office at home. In fact he could have probably sold an Eskimo air conditioning. He can't sell me on it anymore, but then again he won't use it. Besides I get my facts from real people in the know, not salesman trying to push product for their own gain.

Lets not forget: Amsoil has 2 oil 'lines' - their APIcertified 'XL' oils, and their non-API-certified oils - ASL, ATM, SSO...etc... I'd rather not tempt fate using their "top of the line" non API certified oils in a vehicle under warranty.

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