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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

There is no doubt that Amsoil makes some great products, there trans fluid, diff fluid, and powersteering fluid are great products, but I have a hard time believing any of there tests, I see them only posting data that is going to make there products look favorable.

As far as being a dealer, it seems that anyone can become a dealer, it would be nice if Amsoil would give some sort of test for anyone that wants to be a dealer, how can you tell if what they are saying is correct, I also see some Amsoil Dealers pushing other products and overhyping Amsoil. I also have a big problem with any Amsoil Dealer who is not really using there products, and instead they are going down to Wal-Mart and using the cheapest oil they can get there hands on.

I also do not buy Amsoil being an extended drain oil, the only time you can extend your OCI is if you are doing alot of highway driving and not doing the short trip soccer mom thing. I saw a Synthetic Oil Life Study where Amsoil motor oil's started to thicken up after 7000 miles. I believe Amsoil is catering to people who just do not want to do the normal oil changes, and in the long run many people who do extended drains will pay the price.

I do not buy that Amsoil 100% Synthetic Oil can go 25,000 miles, I have seen UOA's on this oil where the oil was shot by 18,000 miles.

There was a member on BITOG who ran Amsoil 15,000 miles and his valvetrain was all incrusted with junk, he regrets leaving Amsoil in for that long of a time. He tried arx to clean the valvetrain up, and nothing happened, so now he is trying a product called Kreen.

Motor Oil's are changing again since many will have to meet the new GF-5 rating, I cannot take a chance on Amsoil meeting that spec. I have noticed that Amsoil will not clean up any deposits in an engine, but it will keep new deposits from forming, I base this on my observations from using there oil. We are now finding that oil's like Pennzoil Platinum do a better job in cleaning up an engine than Amsoil Motor Oil and they are cheaper too.

I believe this whole Amsoil Dealership Pyramid Scheme probably adds about $2.00 to every quart of motor oil that Amsoil sells, I think Amsoil would be better served by having potential buyers visit there website, place there order, and then it can be shipped out from the nearest Amsoil Distribution Center. All of the information about Amsoil Products is on there website. Amsoil could also sell there oil via special order from places like CarQuest, where I ordered my Redline SI.

Some of these Amsoil Dealers are giving the company a bad name, and they are bad mouthing other oil's and pushing certain Amsoil Products over what is best for there customers, alot of these dealers know hardly anything about the product and they do not let the product sell themselves, and some of them will say anything to get your money out of your hands so they can put it in there pocket.