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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Tim, as far as the UOA on Amsoil at 18,000 miles, I found that information on BITOG in the UOA Section.

The member on BITOG that went 15,000 miles on Amsoil and had junk in the Valvetrain, I found the post on BITOG in the Oil Additive Section. I did read that this Amsoil user did mostly short trip driving. Maybe there was another problem, he could have had a clogged PCV Valve.

Tim, maybe you are an honest Amsoil Dealer, my post was not aimed at you personally, you may be just like my Amsoil Dealer who only uses Amsoil Products and does not try and push product.

I did have a member on BITOG, who Pmed me and he is an Amsoil Dealer, and he was getting tired of certain Amsoil Dealers on that site making claims about Amsoil with no concrete proof, he also uses some Redline Products, and he thinks there are instances where there are some products from Redline that are better than some Amsoil products and vice versa, I do value what he is saying since he is a Ford Master Mechanic.

I have also had other members from BITOG PM Me and they have spoken with some Amsoil Dealers and they are sick and tired of hearing these dealers bash other motor oil's.

I am sure you have many happy Amsoil Customers since you probably let the product sell itself.

All of my thoughts that I post here come from reading new and old posts on BITOG as well as my correspondence with members via PM.

If you think my rant was aimed at you personally, that is not the case. I did enjoy reading your post and look foward to a frinedly debate.