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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
Originally posted by Big Bear:
Tim, it seems you are a member on BITOG, you had 1049 posts from 1/27/07 up until 7/11/07

I am not going to post your profile, and I know this seems like an investigation, but you post some interesting stuff here, I am just curious why you are not posting on BITOG.

I went to the user list, and just scrowlled down to the letter t and looked at eveyone with the last name beginning with a T, in some posts you tell people if they want to buy Amsoil to check out one of the Amsoil Sponsors on BITOG, since you sell Amsoil I just can't see why you would not want to have an Amsoil Logo like Pablo or Gary Allan and be doing what they are doing on BITOG, is it ok to ask why you are not participating on BITOG.
I had asked to be an AMSOIL BITOG sponsor, but BITOG limits the number of AMSOIL Dealer Sponsors to 2 or 3 and those have been filled for years. I am no longer posting on BITOG because I was in an argument with a BITOG moderator who called me a Kool Aid drinker and I called him a lawyer, which he claimed to be. I guess he took offense to that remark and always lost in our discussions, so he decided to put me on "read only" status. He has since been removed as a moderator. I don't feel a need to post there anymore as Pablo and Gary Allen do a good job in answering AMSOIL questions.

Tim,don't even bother with these guys/guy,or Bobs place(I mean Helen),you are talking to only one guy any way,believe me,I know.

There are way too many other more reasonable people out there to discuss Amsoil,who would be on your level of thinking and will listen and focus on logic.

Bobs place is here now,and so is the mantra with it.

I still use Amsoil products at present such as,the air filters,oil filters,ATF, T-CASE lubes,and saber Professional two stroke oil 100:1.

I would have no problem in a heartbeat if I needed to,switch back to Amsoil motor oil.

Several co-workers of mine use Amsoil products because they knew I used the Amsoil motor oil products years ago and it convinced them at that time of it's benefits. Two of them are marine mechanic/ retired coast guard workers,car collectors,and in the lawn service business, and state they see a big difference over the other stuff they tried.

They will not use anything else..they are that satisfied. They do know of the other oils I use as well,and are curious.