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Originally posted by ADFD1:

As a matter of fact yes they were/are T1 certified. Only I'm not going to waste my time searching for them, try GOOGLE and shoot off a few emails to "dealers" with sites, ask questions, I did. One of these "dealers" was pushing SSO for every application including new cars calling for 5W20 oil. Then swearing that Amsoil would back up the warranty on the car if there was a problem because of the oil. Who needs that battle, Amsoil saying engine, Ford saying oil, and the rep saying, Duh, I don't know???????? Sorry man........

A simple call to Ford Motor Company set me straight. SSO 0W30 in a new Ford calling for 5W20 would be an issue if a warranty claim arose, Ford wouldn't back the warranty with that oil. Why not call Ford and ask for yourself? Tell then Amsoil said it was OK to use SSO 0W30 in a new Ford calling for 5W20, or try Chrylser.

Your resume seems impressive, you might just be the exception and not the rule.

It is possible that the dealer could have been correct in suggesting SSO for a new Ford listing 5w20 oil.
For example from the AMSOIL vehicle look up:

2010 FORD MUSTANG 4.6L 8-cyl Engine Code [H]
Engine Oil
Grade 1......API*[1]
100% Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil (ASMQT)
XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil (XLMQT)
Signature Series 0W-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil (SSOQT)
All TEMPS......5W-20
[1] Manufacturer recommends motor oil that is formulated to meet
Ford specification WSS-M2C930-A.

AMSOIL bases their recommendations on the vehicle manufacturers specifications, in this case Ford specification WSS-M2C930-A, which AMSOIL recommends SSO 0w30. And if AMSOIL makes the recommendation, then AMSOIL also backs it up. And vehicle warranties only cover defects in parts and workmanship, not the oil. If the oil did not cause the failure, then it would be covered by the manufacturer if it was a defect in parts or workmanship. If the oil is at fault, then the AMSOIL warranty comes into play. AMSOIL has not voided any new car warranty with their recommended oils for 38 years. Third party oil and parts analysis easily determines the reason for failure. No battles. To me, this is why it is important to use an oil with a warranty. If a vehicle manufacturer says using AMSOIL will void a warranty, then ask them to put it in writing. At that point they normally back down. If not, send it to AMSOIL who will refresh them on warranty laws.
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