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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Nucleardawg:

So BMW gives you a free oil change every year/15,000 miles...with a car as nice as you drive, I would be changing it at half that mileage...

Was it MB or BMW that faced some lawsuit over their oil change recommendations, after some of their engines sludged up?

I did change it every 7500-8K. The thing is, while under warranty, if you want them to do it before the OLM says to, you pay for it. And we all know what a dealer charges.....

It was MB who got that one.

It wasn't the oil's fault. It was MB that advised using dino oil and paired it with a FFS that would let you go up to 20K miles before it says "Hey Dummy!!! Change your oil!!!"

My OLM usually shows around 14.7K, though once it did show 15.2K