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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
Originally posted by Nucleardawg:

So is their any documentation you can post here from Amsoil, that shows how many engines Amsoil covers, repairs/replaces under their warranty every year?

I have already stated my preferance for Redline, though I do not doubt the quality of Amsoil's product line.

AMSOIL stated in a Lubes 'n Greases article http://www.performanceoiltechn...allarticle_aug05.pdf Measuring up
“We receive about 20 miscellaneous vehicle
warranty claims per year,” reported Albert’s
son, Alan Amatuzio, executive vice presi-
dent and chief operating officer. “We inves-
tigate each one comprehensively, examine
maintenance records, mileage, type of ser-
vice and repair invoices. We conduct
phone interviews and hire independent
expert investigators and engineers to
review failed parts and write an
Investigative Findings Report documenting
our results and send it to the claimant.
“Only in rare instances when we cannot
find an explanation for the problem, even
though the lubricant is not to blame, do
we accept a claim. Paid claims have
amounted to exactly two in the last two
years, which speaks volumes given the
quantity of oil we sell. It was later deter-
mined that both paid claims were ulti-
mately the result of manufacturing errors
on behalf of a major automotive OEM.”

A good article. Well worth reading if you would like to know more about the AMSOIL company.

I thought Amsoil had no claims in 38 years? Seems they paid for two in two years?

Back to Ford, or any car maker. You could run Synlube for 100,000 miles w/o a change and if you never develop a problem the warranty would remain intact. The only time the warranty would be void is IF there is an engine problem related to oil and the OM recommended intervals and required grade and rated oil was not used. So again follow the recommendations.

Out of warranty do what ever you like. I think we agree on that too.