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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Nucleardawg:
Reading through everything, I see we agree to disagree, but without the trolls everything seems to be civil.

Hey mods if your reading this, I think this says loads about the resident trolls...

I will say Amsoil obviously sells a quality product. It's the way they market it that leaves me a bit sour...Though without a doubt it has been succesful for them.

I have a 01 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100. It is due for an oil change, the Amsoil product is available locally at a few dealerships...I will also look into the Redline offering as well. May have to see if any data is available, to compare the two...Will look for any VOA/UOA's to compare as well.

Dawg. I hope you don't consider me a resident troll after this, I was trying to keep a semi heated debate civil. And get a point across. I think we all pretty much understand each other now. Land ho!