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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by ADFD1:
In what you pasted it said they paid 2 claims in 2 years. What for? It had to be something they were liable for. Or do they pay claims for the hell of it? You think they'll ever make their legal woes available to the public? The way you defend them and hold them so very dear, would you state it on a forum? I dobut it.

I thought they explained it pretty well:
“Only in rare instances when we cannot
find an explanation for the problem, even
though the lubricant is not to blame, do
we accept a claim. Paid claims have
amounted to exactly two in the last two
years, which speaks volumes given the
quantity of oil we sell. It was later deter-
mined that both paid claims were ulti-
mately the result of manufacturing errors
on behalf of a major automotive OEM.”

Originally posted by ADFD1:Back to the topic, if an engine fails because of Amsoil being used for 35,000 miles under a warranty will the car maker pay? Short answer NO. Will Amsoil pay? Lets see.
AMSOIL has not failed in 38 years, so your scenerio is very unlikely. If the oil failed, then AMSOIL would pay. If the oil did not fail and it is a manufacturing defect, then the automaker pays if it is under warranty. Not sure how many times I have to say this.

Originally posted by ADFD1:You say with ref to claims: “We inves-
tigate each one comprehensively, examine
maintenance records, mileage, type of ser-
vice and repair invoices. We conduct
phone interviews and hire independent
expert investigators and engineers to
review failed parts and write an
Investigative Findings Report documenting
our results and send it to the claimant.

In English: They'll try their best not to pay out. As would any company, only difference is if I use an API cert oil and follow some simple directions, not extend the interval I have a darn good chance of being covered.
AMSOIL said it, not me. They stated it pretty clear in English already. They don't have to pay out if the oil did not fail. If the API certified oil failed and you did not extend the oil interval, the automaker still won't have to pay if it is the oils fault, only if the part was defective. It would go back to the oil company. Then it depends on their warranty.