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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by ADFD1:
Originally posted by Nucleardawg:
Reading through everything, I see we agree to disagree, but without the trolls everything seems to be civil.

Hey mods if your reading this, I think this says loads about the resident trolls...

I will say Amsoil obviously sells a quality product. It's the way they market it that leaves me a bit sour...Though without a doubt it has been succesful for them.

I have a 01 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100. It is due for an oil change, the Amsoil product is available locally at a few dealerships...I will also look into the Redline offering as well. May have to see if any data is available, to compare the two...Will look for any VOA/UOA's to compare as well.

Dawg. I hope you don't consider me a resident troll after this, I was trying to keep a semi heated debate civil. And get a point across. I think we all pretty much understand each other now. Land ho!


You're not a resident troll Smile

Neither Am or RL are shady oils. Not everyone takes kindly to how the former is marketed, or how the latter is not a certed oil.

Shady, besides a certain "oil', is when you pull into a dealer to check out the 2002 Camaro SS in 2006, and the salesman sees your 1997 Camaro, and exclaims he wants to put it in the showroom.

Shady is when his supervisor not only won't budge on the price, but can't come up with one reason why you should pay it for a four year old out of production car when you could get a new Mustang for the same price.

No wonder GM needed a bailout. (BTW, that dealership was bought out a few weeks later.) Big Grin