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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

I borrowed this from the other site. Seems Amsoil is not really problem free.

I'd suggested he follow Honda's recommendations, after all Honda did make the car. When the oil light comes on you are probably doing damage to the engine. I'd be one very twisted Sailor of that happened.

Got an email from Amsoil
....stating the filter I use for my civic should not be used for the 1yr drain interval and should be replaced according to what honda says to do. This kinda bothers me. Reason I bought Amsoil was for the 1yr interval. Cost is about the same for it but saves me time from changing the oil 3times year vs 1 time a year.
I called to ask about it and the tech guy said they got a few complaints that the low oil pressure light is coming on and now they are testing to see why. Well i have done 18k/1yr and had nothing of that sort happen to me. I didnt even have to add any makeup oil. At the end of the 1yr the dipstock showed the oil in between full and add. Anyways amsoil sends me a wix filter and an extra quart of SSO 30w free of charge to make up for the fact i have to change it earlier. I'm thinking of still doing the 1yr interval. Any suggestions?
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