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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by ADFD1:
What chance? The possibility of voiding my warranty for not using API certified oil.
The Red Line you are using now is not API certified. Why do you see that as a possibility when I posted links and info that no automaker requires API certified oils to keep the factory warranty? And AMSOIL offers API certified 5w20, 5w30, 10w30, 10w40 and 15w40 if that is important to you.
Originally posted by ADFD1: When you buy a car you follow the mfg suggestions, they make and back the product, you agree to service the vehicle as they suggest. It keeps you out of trouble.
How does it keep you out of trouble? The warranty only covers manufacturing defects, not contingent on maintenance intervals as I've quoted the automakers twice before. Go back and reread what they said.
Originally posted by ADFD1: Then we have the issue of using 0W30 in a vehicle the mfg clearly states 5W20 only, but Amsoil says it is OK. Running the oil longer than recommended because an Amsoil rep says it is OK.
. Again, go back and read the automanufacturer quotes I provided. They clearly have no problems with any of those issues. Here it is again. “The New Vehicle Warranty would not be void
simply because an owner failed to use proper
engine oils or did not perform maintenance at the
prescribed intervals. Warranty applicability is
contingent upon the cause of failure.”
Service Policies and Procedures Department,
General Motors Corporation “
Originally posted by ADFD1:Those are the chances I'm taking.
So if you read those manufacturer quotes about warranty, it aligns completely with AMSOIL's recommendations, and if the AMSOIL ever fails (which it never has in 38 years in millions of vehicles and oil changes), then AMSOIL pays in or out of warranty. So I don't see where you are taking any chances. You take a much bigger chance with an oil company that offers no or a much weaker warranty, which is currently what you are doing. And spending more money per mile to do so.

Originally posted by ADFD1:Suggest it to your clients, tell them Amsoil knows better than the auto maker, and that Amsoil will back them up 100%, hassle free if they have a problem. They have your word and Big Al's word. Gee for $35 I can sell the stuff too! I won't though because I'm not taking the chances!

Actually they have the written word of the law, vehicle manufacturers and AMSOIL. There hasn't been a problem yet. And they they aren't taking as big of a chance as you are.
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