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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
Originally posted by ADFD1:
Kirk, I'm still waiting for proof sinlube is as good as you claim. We'll all grow old and die before that happens.

You did prove that Amsoil is better than sinlube though. So a big two thumbs up for that!

As far as your dare, the members that read your drivel about sinlube know all about ya. No point quoting you, they already know.


Thanks for bringing up synlube..........AGAIN.

I am still using it. The proof is in my driveway,and at work. Care to stop by to see the proof.

AD Quote....."You did prove that Amsoil is better than sinlube though"

Hey AD..........and where would that be! SHOW ME!

I simply defended Amsoil as being another great product this thread shows you bashing,just like you did synlube.

BY the way,I had been saving up my used synlube from oil filter changes over the years,and all vehicles,and so forth.

I just sent that used oil back to synlube...and guess what.........FREE.oil shipped back to me. LIFE IS GOOD. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE!

I bet I am spending way less than you are on oil at this stage,and getting awesome results.

AD QUOTE ...."We'll all grow old and die before that happens"

Hey AD........what happens? engines wear out. Nah,your wright........grow old and die makes sense to me....before my engines wear out! How did you know that was how it worked!

So far all we heard about sinlube is what you and tell us. When you reach 250,000 miles and sell one of your cars to someone who uses it for a few years more let me know. IIRC you haven't hit 200K yet.

I'm 3000 miles away from you Kirk, and quite honestly if I lived around the block I wouldn't waste my time with you.

You say LIFE IS GOOD. FOR ME LIFE IS GREAT. I'm smart enough to see a con job a mile away. That keeps me in the money!