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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Big Bear:I have plenty of experience with Amsoil Motor Oil, I used it for 150,000 miles and my engine was still dirty, I then went to Pennzoil Platinum and this oil cleaned up my motor and made it run better.

Any proof?

I actually do have proof, I saved my old Rocker Arms and Pushrods, all I need to do is take some pictures and I will gladly e-mail them to anyone who is interested.

Little bit of history on this car, when I bought it at 25,000 miles I used Mobil 1 from 25K to 200 K

I then used Amsoil from 200K up until 360K

I noticed the car was running different, my friend who was a mechanic looked at it and told me my rocker arms looked worn, so I went ahead and replaced the Rocker Arms and Pushrods.

I am sure you are going to say that if I had started using Amsoil at 25K instead of Mobil 1 that I would still have the original rocker arms and pushrods and they would look perfect.

My old rocker arms and pushrods have some grime on them that Mobil 1 and Amsoil failed to keep clean or clean up.