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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Lets see.

I don't use Amsoil because, it is over priced, and overhyped.

I won't use Amsoil because it is over sold. Sometimes by people who have no clue about what they are selling, and read from a book to make recommendations, but have no knowledge if they are making the correct recommendations. $35 gives anyone the right to sell the product to help make ends meet. Many of these people are not experts by any stretch of the imagination.

I won't use Amsoil because, I feel the warranty has more holes in it than the Titanic, making it extremely easy for Amsoil to jump ship in the event of a problem.

I won't use Amsoil because they made claims their so call 25,000 mile Honda and Toyota filters were proven at the expense of the consumer that they can't make 25,000 miles, even under conditions stated safe by Amsoil. A new filter and a pat on the back makes it OK if an oil light comes on. Meanwhile damage might have been done, and the whole thing is down played. No thanks!

I don't use Amsoil because their flagship top of the line products are not API certified. I'm not going to rely on their warranty or some law if I have a problem.

I don't use Amsoil because, I don't believe in the product, and I feel there are better products for less.

I don't use Amsoil because their PC fee is unethical. Some dealers can waive it, yet others charge it. To me it is a sucker tool for extra profits. That has been proven by comments in this thread that the fee can be waived and it is up to the dealer. BIG TURN OFF.

I will now never use Amsoil because of this thread. I have more reasons, but these are a few of the major issues I have.


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