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You will not believe this, I Googled "Tim Vipond" and I got Tim Vipond Banned to come up, if you are in disbelief, then go ahead and Google:

Tim Vipond Banned

Shell Rotella oil is now officially JASO MA - Page 17 - TWT Forums
16 posts - 7 authors - Last post: Feb 1
Timmy has been banned from several automotive and motorcycle forums. ... Example: "Tim Vipond keeps trying to peddle his Amsoil product and ...
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Shell Rotella oil is now officially JASO MA - Page 18 - TWT Forums
5 posts - 4 authors - Last post: Feb 1
Tim Vipond is online now ... The Ford Truck forum banned in eight days! WOW! ... Tim, how many forums have you been banned from? ...
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Apr 4th, 2008, 3:27 pm
I must say you offered him the chance to vendor up and he turned it down, that is HIS bad. FrownActually he did 'vendor up' and still failed to refrain from commercial postings within the general forums. We refunded his money and removed his vendor forum after he failed to play within the rules, even after repeated warnings.

He has had many, many warnings about using these forums to conduct business and has proven to be totally incapable of following the rules. While some might believe he provided a 'wealth of information', the majority of the time it was regurgitating information that was designed to present his product in a positive light. While the information may or may not have been accurate, it was most certainly presented to promote his products.

We authored a set of site guidelines that have served us quite well at keeping our community one of the best on the Internet. Among the guidelines is this:

No Commercial Postings: This is a private BBS designated for the use of its members. No commercial posts of any kind will be allowed. “For Sale” items from individual members will be allowed in the Classified forum only. Special announcements for dealers or other vendors will be allowed only if they are made by one of the forum Moderators or Administrators. Any posts to any forum that are deemed to be of a commercial nature will be subject to removal and the identity posting them may be blocked or banned.

Our rationale is simple - we do not want these forums to become an avenue for promotion of any brand or product. Nor do we want to let any individual member continually promote his business within these forums. We certainly gave Tim far too much latitude in this area. One of the Administrators even gave Tim's favorite brand name a 'time out', but as soon as we restored the usage of that word, Tim immediately began promoting it in his posts. We are going to try to be a little more aggressive at enforcing this rule, so as to be fair to our members and our supporting vendors and dealers and to make it perfectly clear we are not singling out any individual. We don't care if brand names are mentioned or even promoted by members, but as soon as we feel like a member is 'hawking' a particular brand or promoting it for personal gain, we will enforce the stated site guideline.