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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Nucleardawg:
Very interesting Bear...What you will find here is that you can do anything, say anything, and be as many people, as you wish to be.

I mean for 5 years the moderators, 'if you wish to call them that' allowed Sinlube to use this site as an advertising forum. Kirk is allowed multiple identities, (He is currently a woman again).

The moderators on this site are worthless/spineless, so don't hold your breath looking for the turds to be banned...Thanks for the info though...

The first person/only that should have been banned is you............NUKE........and you know that.

You have even "tested" the moderators,haven't you? That is why you call them "spineless",because they didn't ban you. They should have,a long time ago,and you know this.

We can use you as a benchmark as to how Looooowwwwww,one is allowed to Go around here,if anyone is curious. Most/none,will stoop to your dreary,useless,bottom feeding, level of existence.

The only "turd",as you like to you,and only you.

You claim to work in the Nuclear industry...............BULL!!!

I have never met/spoke/chatted with anyone claiming to be,or is a professional,yet acts like you do, as in............TRAILER TRASH,AND THE LOWEST FORM AT THAT!

I work everyday with professionals,and none of them would ever /post/chat/on your low level of existence.

In win the..... "DARWIN LOSER AWARD". CONGRATULATIONS!!! When science gets around to some serious gene therapy/repair..........only then will there be hope for you and your serious defects!!!

We all expect now, for you to continuing showing/posting/displaying the usual Psycho- Babble,in the meantime that only you are capable of.