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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Captain Kirk:
Originally posted by Trajan:
Originally posted by Big Bear:

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I cannot seem to find anything on the Internet about either Gary Allan or Pablo being banned from any AUTOMOTIVE FORUMS.

You posted that already Big Grin

Trajan.......Give us a "SCIENTIFIC" REASON why you won't use Amsoil in your Beamer when all the other Beamer owners I posted love it.

All that talk about certs is excuse,assuming of course you actually have a....Beamer!

Well, that's actually true. I don't have a beamer. Or a beemer. Don't know what the first is. The second is a BMW motor cycle. What I own is called a bimmer.

But, instead of trying to bait me with more of your cauterwalling nonsense, perhaps you ask yourself the following.

Why did your leader, when given the chance for me to use his swill, provided he supplied the engine, lacked the courage, the faith in his product, to do so?

More than likely because he knew it would expose it for the scam it is.

You're already been told why. More than once. If still beyond your comprehension it is, further explaination will make it no easier.

While you ponder that, ponder these as well.

1: Why your buddy, who attacked anyone who questioned your swill, is too afraid to use it?

2: Why thes other "beamer" owners don't use it either?

3: If you think amsoil is so great, why are yo not using it instead of that sham swill you do?
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