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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Nucleardawg:
The resident troll is amusing to me and surely others. I would term KIRK a disease...Or better infection. This infection was quickly recognized and irradicated at BITOG. Unfortunately here, the infection seems to have been allowed to take root.

The only means to control this KIRK infection at this to ban it in all its putrid forms. The KIRK infection has mutated into other infectous forms such as 'Annie Oakley', and 'Wickedwiggy' where the infection has had its DNA seemingly changed, and taken up the 'female' chromosome.

In all forms the KIRK infection seems to cause the host, to lie uncontrollably and imagine themselves to be things which they are obviously not. Dreams of grandeur, and paranoia, quickly become evident as the host slips away from reality.

I would hope this KIRK infection is irradicated as KIRKS stench is starting to spread and become embarassing to the site.

The only mutation is.........YOU....NUKE.... You have stated you're in the "NUCLEAR' industry,therefore..........

..........I believe you have exceeded your..."lifetime dosage of radiation" from standing too close to the..."reactor".

Mutation is something you know and understand very well,Remember,radiation ALSO mutates DNA,and kills brain cells too.....NUKE. SUCKS TO BE YOU!

One more thing, NUKE.............STENCH WAS MY LINE...........GET YOUR OWN MATERIAL!!!
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