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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

3: If you think amsoil is so great, why are yo not using it instead of that sham swill you do?

Actually,I do still use Amsoil.

I am currently running their tractor lube 5w-30 in my Transfer case.

Front Differential has the series 2000 75-140.

Rear differential has synlube.

Air filter is Amsoil/donaldson-nanotech

Brake fluid is Dot 3,synthetic.

Currently have several brands of oil filters,including the Amsoil/Nanotech.

I would have no problem going back to Amsoil for the engine if I ever stopped using the synlube.

I will admit that the store brands(synthetic) are getting better now days,so who knows what the future holds with the over-the-counter stuff,especially if you can catch a good sale.