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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Big Bear:
Captain Kirk, can you tell us why you are using Synlube in your engine versus using Amsoil Motor Oil.

Can you tell us how long you have had Synlube in your engine.

How long do you plan on keeping this car that has Synlube in it now.

Do you notice anything different with your engine with Synlube in it versus other oil's.

I am just asking you questions and I have no need to get into the squabble you are having with AD, Nucleardawg, and Trajan.

Here is the reason why I hate going to dealers/garages to have work done, and actually took one to court,and won. This guy has a much bigger case than I did.

Only my hands work on my car,well...99% of the time.


Big Bear.

Regarding the synlube information.

There are several, now closed threads, you could take a look at that go back five years.

I started posting around march of this year.

Yes,there is some weird info(BBB,license issue,etc)that some of our,"detectives",have found which I have no clue,nor care what they amount to. I guess doing business,leaves one battled scarred a little at times...who knows!

One of our, "detectives", even entertained himself all day one Sunday,with a 'smear campaign' on ripoff report. However,I don't care about that.

Here is the now five year old link....

This is just one of the links.

I must admit.............that topic is like "beating a dead horse".

If you have doubts.........change it once,yearly,then send back(14-bucks),and get 100% for new,shipped free. What else can I say!! I love the stuff.

What do you drive and so forth. How many miles,history,etc.