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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Tim Vipond:
Originally posted by Big Bear:

Just a little clarification. Amsoil claims that "He (Al Amatuzio ) was the inventor of synthetic oils and lubricants for ground use."

Where did AMSOIL claim that Al Amatuzio was the inventor of synthetic oils and lubricants for ground use?

You might want to talk with Synlube, its from there site.

Founder, President and CEO of AMSOIL, Inc., Albert J. Amatuzio, was introduced to synthetic lubricants used in the jets he flew as a fighter pilot for the US Air Force. He later founded his company, AMMOIL which would later be changed to AMZOIL, Inc., which would later be changed to AMSOIL, Inc., due to trademark concerns brought forth by Pennzoil. Mr. Amatuzio went on to formulate a synthetic motor oil for use in automobiles in a joint effort with the Hatco Corporation[1]. AMZOIL 10W-40 grade 100 percent synthetic motor oil became available to the general public in 1972 as the first synthetic motor oil in the United States to meet American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements. Today AMSOIL, Inc., markets the XL line of API certified synthetic motor oil [2] as well as many other oil formulations which meet or exceed current API requirements.

AMZOIL's business name was changed to AMSOIL many years ago as a result of Pennzoil paranoia. As you can see from the oil can at the right. AMSOIL was indeed called AMZOIL in the early days of the company - back in the 70's. However, Pennzoil took exception to the "zoil" in the name, and AMZOIL finally was forced to change the name to AMSOIL, even though the name had not been taken from the Pennzoil name at all.

The name AMZOIL was actually just a more catchy way of writing "Ammos Oil". The president of the company, Al Amatuzio, had a nickname when he was a pilot. His nickname was Ammo. So, when he began developing the AMSOIL product, it was originally not called AMSOIL, but rather was "Ammos Oil".

Since this isn't exactly a real professional name to put on a bottle of oil, it was recommended that he change the name to AMZOIL. Of course, as it turned out, that was bad advice, and Pennzoil ended up forcing Al to change the company name from AMZOIL to AMSOIL.

Thus, if you're looking for the AMSOIL product these days, be sure to spell it with an "S", rather than a "Z". AMZOIL is now (and has been for a long time) AMSOIL.

Tim, I found this last thing about Pennzoil on one of the Amsoil Sites, and as far as Synlube's claims you can ask Kirk when he comes on later.