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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

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quote:I'll tell you what, I'm less likely to trust any Amsoil tests or puts up on their webpage

Note, this isn't just for Amsoil. All testing data seems a bit inconclusive at times. The API Amsoil test doesn't seem right to me though. I understand it's marketing and they all stretch the truth to some degree and will market their product in such a way that makes them look better then they are.

I do not believe any of the tests or graphs on the Amsoil Site, its all pure marketing and LIES to get you to buy there product.

I don't see Pennzoil doing anything on there website that is deceitful or dishonest, but Amsoil will print anything to sell there product, they have to do something since they have very little market share.

The only reason Tim is on here is because he is trying to hustle some fools out of there money.