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Re: 2010 Titan first oil change?
Originally Posted by Tim Vipond View Post
No, it has everything to do with Mobil 1. That is what the Mobil 1 warranty reads. AMSOIL's warranty covers better than twice the mileage of the Mobil 1 warranty. AMSOIL has never proven to have failed nor voided any warranty. And the AMSOIL warranty provides coverage if it ever does happen. No risk. AMSOIL meets all the warranty requirements, even with extended oil change intervals. Here is what GM says about warranty coverage and oil change intervals:
“If engine damage otherwise covered by warranty
was found to be unrelated to the engine lubricant,
then the consumer’s practice with regard to oil
change intervals would not be a relevant considera-
tion, and the warranty claim would be honored.”
Fuels and Lubricants Division,
General Motors Research Laboratories
Tim, you can't be that dense so as to assume just because AMSoil doesn't state anything about the mfr warranty that it doesn't apply. Mobil 1 is simply stating something that some people might not think about, and that is extended drain intervals can cause mfrs to give people a hard time if they're not following the mfr guidelines and they have a mechanical issue. You're twisting words and being crafty in an attempt to make AMSoil seem to be something it's not.

I also see you quoting from the AMSoil literature again, that bit from GM. It also PROVES MY POINT. The statement wasn't specifically about AMSoil, but rather a logical statement from GM regarding GENERAL PRACTICE with ANY oil.

I know I said I was done with this subject and thread, but come on. This is the exact [censored] I'm talking about when it comes to AMSoil and I really hope people don't get sucked in based on twisted words, selective wording, and drawing conclusions based on the lack of wording.

And “The New Vehicle Warranty would not be void
simply because an owner failed to use proper
engine oils or did not perform maintenance at the
prescribed intervals. Warranty applicability is
contingent upon the cause of failure.”
Service Policies and Procedures Department,
General Motors Corporation

And “Installation or the use of special materials does
not, in and of itself, void the New Vehicle Limited
Service and Parts Operations,
Chrysler Corporation

Nissan has to play by the same rules in the US.
EXACTLY my point. Stop and think, Tim. These quotes aren't being made ABOUT AMSoil, they're being made about general maintenance practices. Whether you use AMSoil or Mobil 1 doesn't matter, the SAME rules apply. The only difference is Mobil 1 has a statement in there for people that are, no offense, too dumb to make logical conclusions about how to maintain their vehicle(s).

I disagree. I am following all the rules set up by Nissan, Mobil 1, AMSOIL, and consumer protection laws. I just use better players.

You can learn more about AMSOIL and warranties at .
Disagree all you want, you are not playing fair and you know it. You can't quote 3rd party statements from AMSoil literature and only apply it to AMSoil products when they're not about and specifically name AMSoil products.

Let me give you an example of how you're not playing fair or are simply being dense. You have 2 batteries, they both do the same thing and they're both made out of the same materials. One battery states "Do not throw in fire, battery could explode and cause injury or death" and the other has no such statement. If you were to tell me that because the one battery DIDN'T have that statement that it would be safe to throw into a fire then you'd be off your rocker.

These inane arguments you use regarding AMSoil are like a broken record and are they main reason why I refuse to ever purchase an AMSoil product. I can't stand the way people market it like it's made by God himself, if He/She actually exists, and I feel sorry for anyone that gets sucked in based on the false logic, crafty wording and omissions.

And NOW I'm done. Take care, Tim. Hope you stay cancer-free. Maybe a small dose of AMSoil in your morning coffee will help you live forever. You never know, just because it doesn't say it won't might mean that it actually will.
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