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Amsoil SSO vs ASL - technicalities?
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I was planning for a long time to run ASL until SSO debut'd, but in looking through the spec sheets on amsoil this is what I've discovered.

Without discount SSO is $10.10/qt and ASL is $7.70 (23% cheaper). That alone is a big deal for me, but here's what I find most interesting...

SSO, a 0W-30, is thicker than ASL 5W-30 @ 40C.
Four Ball wear test... SSO = 0.406, ASL = 0.35
NOACK volatility... SSO = 8.65, ASL = 7.1
HTHS, Viscosity Spread, Flash, Fire, and Pour points are all equal.
The only advantage SSO seems to have is a TBN of 13.2, while ASL has a TBN of 12.2.

So, why should I pay 23% more for an oil that is more volatile and doesn't protect as well in the engine? Maybe I missed how this is the *better* oil?
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