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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by wickedwiggy:
poor trajan, he insists that he rides a bimmer bike which is actually the correct word for the automobile. and beamer/beemer is the correct slang for the bmw bike.

Bimmer vs Beemer
Enthusiasts vs others
Bimmer - proper accepted slang for BMW cars. Most people don't know this.
Beamer/Beemer - proper accepted slang for BMW motorcycles. You will hear this term used incorrectly by many people.
once again trajan you are proved wrong.

btw did i mention i used to have a 1964 panhead. and that would be HARLEY OR HARLEY DAVIDSON!!


here is the link for my proof

The problem, wickedwiggy, is that you're dealing with someone who has the mental acuity of a tetse fly.