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Originally posted by Big Bear:
GM p/s fluid choices [Re: ConfederateTyrant]
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I was having some power steering problems (fluid getting dirty quickly, steering not smooth and difficult turning)in my 1997 Chevy Venture. I tried emptying and refilling the reservoir several times, but didn't help. Then I tried a power steering flush and Valvoline Synthetic Power Steering fluid meeting the GM spec, and all is well.

It seems that you had some good luck using a fluid that meets the Manufactures Spec and all is well. Now go ahead and DUMP that Amsoil Motor Oil you are using that does not meet your manufactures spec for an oil that meets the Manufactures Spec and all will be well in your engine.
The previous CONVENTIONAL power steering fluid also met Chevy's spec. The improvement was the flush and SYNTHETIC power steering fluid. Still works great. The AMSOIL CHEMICAL SYNTHETIC motor oil I use meets and exceeds the manufacturers spec, so much so that I now change my oil every 15,000 miles or once a year instead of the previous 3,000 miles per Chevy's recommendation. Much longer, much less expensive and better performance with a much better warranty. Thank you AMSOIL!