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Originally posted by inHaliburton:
Originally posted by Big Bear:
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Man - Here we go again... didn't anyone raed my posts on page 6? Here, I'll cut and paste for you!

"There is one simple reason that Houkster is so keen on Synlube.... he owns it! Anyone who wants to go to will readily find out that 'Miro Kefurt' is the head honcho there! He is not a user only! As he sits in his abode in Las Vegas and promotes, mainly at his computer terminal, At $32.00 per quart [liter] - he does not have to sell too may knot heads his PTFE Cocktail in order to buy his own 'Throw Away Car' - no matter what he puts in the engine! AMSOIL is just AMSOIL - it's 32 year history of growth [will top $100,000,000.00 in sales for 2005] speaks for itself! Miro has threatened to sue me several time for owning the name, and has accused me of buying that domian in order to get his customers.........."

It seems this Amsoil Dealer has said that Amsoil's sales will top $100,000,000.00 in 2005, why couldn't Tim have provided us with that info.

Well Big Bear, I went back and reread from page 6 to page 11. I got a headache from reading Houckster trying to get through to Barkerman and others regarding his methodology of sending the first sample to SynLube, and the second sample to Terry only if the results were favourable. It make perfect sense to me.

Also, Houckster is a SynLube customer, not its owner.

Regards, Paul.

Paul, everytime I read the Synlube Thread I get a headache too, the only reason I put that post from the Synlube Thread up here is because I had Googled " Amsoil Sales Figures " and that post came up in the Synlube Thread here, there is alot of interesting info in that old Synlube Thread.