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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Trajan:

Yeah, ole' Hock claimed it for years on BITOG in his public profile. Till it got posted here anyway. Then claimed it was altered.........

Still haven't seen an answer to my question. Was he lying for all those years? Or now?

Hey Bozo(Trajan),this is not a synlube thread.

The gist of this thread is the OP(crazy nuke),is stating he "thinks" he is sticking with a particular oil,in this case.....Redline oil. Well dah........he purchased(so he claims) two cases of Redline way back for his,"stash",as he calls it.

However,one could argue this thread is open game to discuss any other oil vs Redline,or whatever,based on the wording of this thread at the start............So bring it on!!!!!!!!!

Hey,nuke......If you change your mind and decide to use Amsoil,or synlube, I will buy your redline 'stash' at half price, and burn it in my oil heater..........Deal!

Maybe I could heat my house with it......

Let me add,I would first run the Redline in all my Engines,while waiting for more Synlube to be shipped back to me free after sending back the used Synlube.
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