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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Now I remember, if Trajan worked for Shell maybe he knows Tim.

That,is a very good question. Maybe Tim can at least discuss that fuel additive issue way back.

Here is the old thread/quoted, where it was discussed........

go to

Search SHELL and PEP

Then you will understand why an unemployed, ex PEP salesman (TRAJAN) has so much grudge agains SynLube.

Whe wanted to sell that stuff to our customers, and while he succeeded to con CASTROL, BLUE CORAL and others, he did not expect that AAA will rund a FTP-75 test on the PEP additive and that the results will end up at EPA, FTC, DoE.

Fired by SHELL abandoned by his wife and loosing his $2.3 million commision on sales of PEP, and the poor guy lost it. (Mentally)

So they finally released him from the instittion and he is now and a revenge binge against SynLube.

But this time around it may not be a cosy mental institution that you will end up in....


Well the publish you TRUE and verifiable identity, NAME, ADDRESS, you know the drill...

After all if you are just a virtual existence on Internet with sole purpose in life to bash SynLube, what are you affraid of?
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