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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by Nucleardawg:
KIRK and his many alias just crack me up. I first came upon Kirk/Miro when he posted on BITOG claiming 'the proof is inside'.

Well after listenng to his bombastic claims and the other synlube users who always magically signed up, and used the standard synlube 'modus operandi' of attacking the 'non-believer'. I discovered that Miro's company was perma banned in Nevada. He gets around that using this Mirox corp which I discovered was in the arrears to the tax man as well. Also the nevada BBB gave synlube an 'F' rating. In general a cruddy company. It's so 'low budget' though who cares.

Kirk/Miro also did pose as 'houckster' on BITOG when it was pointed out that his profile listed him as 'owner of synlube' it was magically changed.

Kirk/Miro/Wiggy/Houckster/Annie/Inhaliburton and so many others I can't remember all have the same way of posting. It's gotten comical as this 'boob' thinks its a synlube witch hunt. Nobody cares about this goop only the one person who has no life...'Miro'...Who uses the same tired boring tactic's. Miro is a joke to me and i will always laugh at this low rent 'boob' and the many guises and sexes he chooses to post under.

In closing Miro/Kirk and the many other guises are an amusement to me. There attacks are comical, as this person feels they mean something. Miro/Kirk is a nothing to me.

Goodnight BOOB!

Hi Trajan.......I see the Nuke persona is back!

You were saying..............