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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

Originally posted by inHaliburton:
I hear what you're saying, AD. Those are old arguments. I have not had an in-person discussion re Synlube. Capt. Kirk, Houckster, Annie, et al seem legitimate to me. They do not appear to be the same person(s).

How could Miro stay in business for so long selling a few quarts a week? And where are the unhappy customers? Surely, (and don't call me shirley) they would have surfaced by now.

Well I think a few of them are one in the same. I also think hosting a website is pretty cheap. I must tell you that Synlube site leaves a lot to ones imagination, wouldn't you say? So yea if Kirk/Miro sucker in a few $$$$ a month what is the downside? JMO

I'm sure this should fire him/them up all over again, but since you asked I thought I'd offer my opinion on the matter.

I agree Trajan, I want to keep the conversation civil. I have to tell you, this NY born and raised boy wouldn't spend a dollar on the stuff. Too many doubts, lots of name calling and no facts, just some testimony by shills with an agenda. I'll pass.

Now if I actually knew someone using the stuff, and could see for myself then maybe I'd consider it. Until then I see it as a money making con job. Sorry Synlubers.