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Reply to "I think I'm sticking with Redline"

While it is true we don't see synlube throwing up 4 ball tests...

It also true that we have seen claims that are impossible to verify. Such as a FTP-75 test. Or that AAA test.

We've also seen claims of Shell/Pennzoil not having API ratings.

Of multiple mail drops that showed nothing.

A claim to be in the DoE operated Nevada Test Area. That one took a simple email to sink.

Claims that only their pet lab understands the goop. And no explaination as to why test samples have different viscosities.

The lack of a MSDS until 3/19/10, and claims that it was altered by someone, (me), who never saw it til it was posted here.

Then we have the rabid attacks by anyone who didn't like this juice being questioned.

Every forum they tried to peddle this stuff, it was run out of town on a rail. And rightfully so