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Reply to "Lube-4-life MSDS"

Originally posted by Trajan:
It says right on the website that to keep the warranty the oil must be changed.

And yet, he insists it does not....

Scroll about half way down to the big blue letters.

Then go to condition #9

Trajen,Did you happen to notice the asterisk?

At 50k,..synlube must be sent an oil sample(from changed filter),then.., once the UOA is done,you will be told if the oil needs to be changed or not. The oil change may very well be waived. However, If changed,you receive 100% credit for new oil shipped to you free.

We have had this exchange before,and I addressed it then!! Somehow,I suspect you did see the information in plain view and are simply doing what you do best, Trajen.