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Reply to "Lube-4-life MSDS"

How do you expect captain Kirk should be able to explain it? If you think he is the owner of Synlube, then I guess you must be full of it...
If you don't understand what the man says, that he is a USER of Synlube, then why do you still want to communicate with him?
It is obvious that you don't believe what he says, any way.
On the other hand, throwing out accusations, like you have done, is very easy.
I see that several people have decided to join, probably for fun.
I have heard rumors that Trajan is on Excon Mobiles payroll, and I think it is very hard for him to PROVE to me, otherwise.
Remember, there is very little proof, that I will accept.
You understand the problem?
You can read MSDSs intill your face turn blue, but that won't make you an expert on lubrications. At some point, you will have to at least SEE the stuff you are writing about....
It is comparable with learning to swim by taking a mail course.

And still, you claim to know everything, even without having seen the product?

That's quite amazing.

By the way, I am also a satisfied user of this product, but I only used it for two and a half year and 72000 kilometers in one car...
I really would like to see that being done with Delvac 1.
You can just call me, at 004793212261, (just to make sure that I am a real person(and not MIRO), if you don't believe what I am saying.
Of course, that is free to do for all.
I will answer if I have the time.
If you want to do a search for phone numbers around the world, it can be easily done at