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Reply to "Lube-4-life MSDS"

Originally posted by Trajan:
Well, he got run off from BITOG with his tail between his legs, so maybe he thinks his "style" will work here?

Well, it isn't exactly true what you are saying here(as usual).
The reasons to why I didn't bother to answer back at BITOG, is because of the obvious thing that you didn't seem to understand what I wrote.
Besides, when I see that people have made up their minds, no matter how many different users that tell about their experiences with a product, it is rather useless, trying to communicate with them.

Why are those of us that use this Synlube oil not to be trusted, more than others that tell about ARX, MMO and other stuff?
Why are we being accused to be the owner of Synlube, while positive reports about other products never have seen these accusations?

I repeat that I have heard rumors that you are on the payroll of Excon Mobile!

How are you going to prove to me that this is not the case?

What are your intentions?

Why are you writing so much about a product that you don't use, if you wasn't paid to do so?

You don't even know what it looks like!