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Reply to "Lube-4-life MSDS"

Originally posted by Trajan:
1: Don't really care if you think I'm on the payroll of EM. Think what you wamt.

2: You got run off. Nobody there is buying the nonsense you're selling.

3: I can't speak of ARX, but I don't see MMO usere hurl insults if you don't use it. (I use it, and don't care if you do, don't, rail against it, or praise it.)

4: My intentions were to get reliable, third party, data to compare it to my chosen oil. To see if it would be worth switching.

You, kirk, miro, inhal, have combined to convince me that I would be a fool to use it.

Oh, BTW, I also use German Castrol 0w-30. Not something I would admit to if I was on the payroll of Exxon/Mobil.

And why use those? 1: Both on BMW's approval list. 2: Both are ACEA A3/B3. 3: Neither one makes outlandish claims.

Things that Synlube can't claim.

And, the stockholders, CEOs, COOs, et al, do not visit boards like this and fall into blood pressure raising fits and attack members who ask questions or make observations.

Another thing Synlube can't claim.

Trajen,If you're happy with the German castrol what is your point for all the negative post regarding synlube.

A simple no-thanks will suffice,and then you could move on to another thread and tell everyone how thrilled you are with GC. I haven't seen you doing that though. Why??

Why do your remain on the synlube thread??

The reason you remain is because of the obvious,'re dying to try it!! It's written all over your face. You just don't have the guts to admit it, you? You can't believe that you actually might have been wrong all along and now your desperate to find or create a negative and continue doing so.

Well... bring it on!!