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Reply to "Lube-4-life MSDS"

I have only now discovered this yet another thread


hundreds of posts, all negatives about SynLube, and nothing else !!! - NOT NORMAL at all for any poster......

Yet defends SHELL

Now I know who he is, the PEP molocule sales man from long ago when I met him at STLE conference.

Stuff did not work, and we got FTC to refund money to all customers SHELL sold the stuf.

I still have a bottle of it !!!

He lost his job

need I say more ?

Now he is making up a fake story about damamged 2007 Z4 that his neighbor/friend/etc. has


you are just a lier, lier, lier so until you provide the proof of what you calaim you are just a lier, so prove that you are NOT - not to me but to all that read this, you made acusation, it is a lie, originated by you due to a resentment that goes back 10 years !!!


You must have sniffed way to much PEP and it is still affecting your judgement.

They made it and YOU sold the stuff, why atack SynLube or me who pointed out that the PEP DID NOT WORK ?

Now I also undrestand why you totally disregard the AAA tests on SynLube after all it was the same Lab that provided the Proof that PEP was a scam..... Originated by SHELL and sold by YOU !!!

Lies have to be propagated and truth suppressed because you are unemployed - and where is the MSDS for PEP ?

Give it a rest !!!